One of the most remarkable aspects of Aixola’s long history, which is growing with the management of the Technology Centre of the Sea – CETMAR Foundation, is the symbiosis established with several non-profit organisations in our community for different purposes:

  • Dissemination and publicity: A network of collaborating centres which contribute in the dissemination of our training offer. Also, we receive visits from schools’ groups, administrations and other organizations interested in learning about our activity.
  • Design and adaptation of training offer according to the real needs of the labour market. We receive external experts who complete the training with specialised presentations, we visit companies in the sector with our students to learn about their daily work and in the professional certificate courses are carried out internships in companies.

  • Heritage preservation: We build copies of heritage boats, repair and draw models; we have recovered engines from old boats of Galician design and designs of nets and devices through the diagram’s elaboration.

  • Support to public R&D through the design of prototypes and improvements in materials and instruments which is carried out in a participatory process with the students.

  • Dissemination: We take part in awareness events of maritime heritage and innovation in maritime trades. Also, we borrow material developed in our courses to showcase it in exhibitions, shows, workshops…

    Within the framework of the training actions can be accepted applications for repair, refurbishment of vessels, parts of them or other materials, as well as design and prototyping of innovative materials or loans. These collaborations must meet the criteria set out in the following protocol.

    If you believe that Aixola can carry out some work within the framework of this protocol, you can fill out the annex to the document and send it to

    We will get back to you as soon as possible.