Course on naval electrical installation on small engine vessels.

The fishing fleet with base harbour in Galicia, comprising 4,497 fishing vessels and 1,294 aquaculture vessels in April of 2015, is the largest of all European regions and the greatest in the country with the most powerful fishing sector in the European Union. In fact, Galicia owns around 40% of Spanish vessels. These data reflect the great importance of the Galician fleet in the EU and national fishing sector.

According to the Strategic Plan for Recreational Sailing in Galicia from 2012-2020, we have 63 sports facilities along our coastline, 28 licences or authorisations for nautical sports, 7 facilities for dry vessels and 9,560 moorings representing 15.1% of the peninsular total.

All of this gives us an insight of the professional volume and recreational of vessels that need maintenance and repair on our coast.

The clearness of these figures explains itself the need to programme training courses, which without wanting to take up the formal qualifications scope, provide basic knowledge of the management and maintenance of simple installations.

On the other hand, the eminently practical nature of the courses and the tools and materials used in them can make that all the training action have students’ applications of intermediate and higher vocational training.


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