The activity of the A Aixola Training Centre is organised in training programmes with courses in the following areas:

Composites Departments: Handling polyester and different types of fibres, applying the latest technical innovations which reduce the use of resins and pollutant emissions during the process of handling. It is focused on the shipbuilding sector and the manufacture of parts for the use in aquaculture and other maritime activities.

Wood Departments: Courses related to the construction and repairing of naval sector using both the most traditional techniques as well as the latest innovations which allow for low-maintenance parts and high technical performance.

Installations Departments: Includes courses related to the maintenance and facilities of small engines as well as an introduction to basic electricity in small boats.

Plastics Technical Departments: Training to produce several materials with polyethylene and polypropylene by thermoplastic welding of plates and pipes. (Currently not available).


Sailing, Hardware and Pneumatics Departments: Design, cut, manufacturing and repair of traditional and modern sails. Hardware. Maintenance and repair of semi-rigid boats, buoys, floats, etc.

Fishing Nets Department: Training leading to obtaining the Certificate of Professionalism “Manufacture and maintenance of equipment and gear”. Teaching approved and supervised by the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry.

Employment Department: Voluntary training modules for the Centre’s students which are completed with personalised tutorials: CV creation, online job search and guidance for self-employment.

Transverse modules and horizontal contents: all the Centre’s activities are based on a number of transversal contents: modules on occupational risk prevention, essential for access to the workshops; quality; the  search of less polluting alternatives in all processes; gender equality and social inclusion; dissemination of activities to all levels of society.

In addition, with the aim of equalising the groups abilities, tutorials and reinforcement classes are established in the basic skills: operability and simple calculation, language and written expression, or any other skills in which reinforcement is needed to reach the minimum level to follow the technical contents


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